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How Malaysia Grand Prix 2015 Hailed the Rebirth of Sebastian Vettel

vettelWhat defines a legend in Formula One? Who is allowed to join the harrowed hall of fame in this amazing sport? This is a question that elicits debate, but one thing that is an irrefutable fact is Sebastian Vettel’s desire to join this coterie of drivers.

With the win at the amazing 2015 Malaysia Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver announced his comeback, and for F1 fans, they have Sepang to thank for this turnaround. But before you start celebrating that baby-Schumacher, as Vettel is adoringly called, is back, why not look at germane issues around this incredible win at Kuala Lumpur?

Struggling to Join Legends

The German might have won four back-to-back titles with Red Bull from 2010 to 2014 but the sporting world seems to have never accepted him into the pantheon of F1 greats. When the German announced he would leave Red Bull in September 2014, everyone was astonished including team bigwigs.

Of course you had to sympathize with the guy; a defending champion with no race win as the F1 season was closing had to make a drastic decision, and Sebastian Vettel was bold enough to make the call. It was considered career suicide considering the struggle Ferrari was going through in the 2014 season, but finally the move paid.

Malaysia Grand Prix as a Springboard

So, was it just the SF-15T’s pace or were there other factors about the circuit that worked for Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari in general? Here are some ideas:

  1. Past wins experience: With age comes experience. Vettel has won at Sepang three other times.  With such background and a good car to boot, all the right ingredients were there for a win at Malaysia GP.
  2. The incredible Ferrari SF-15T: After the race, one statement from Vettel stood out about beating Mercedes W06 fair and square. During pre-season testing at Jerez, the German had also hinted about the car’s incredible performance, and when the right conditions presented themselves, it was all systems go for the four-time champion.
  3. Amazing race strategy: When Mercedes decided to pit early under the safety car, Vettel took the lead and he was able to run longer on more fragile medium tires. Mercedes in desperation split tire strategy to catch Vettel, but the German’s skills and race conditions worked to his favor.

You can’t deny that the complicated Malaysia GP circuit, which requires an innovative tire strategy, handed F1 a refreshing outlook to things. All of a sudden, the 2015 season looks like it is bound to get even more exciting; thanks to Sepang!

Hamilton on the verge of taking the 2014 F1 championship

Lewis Hamilton has been hitting motorsport headlines all year round. The British Grand Prix driver is poised to become this year’s champion. Hamilton only needs to finish the Sao Paolo Grand Prix in third place and come second in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Brazilian Grand Prix ends on Sunday, 9 November 2014. Hamilton is leading the 2014 Grand Prix standings with 316 points. His team Mercedes compatriot Nico Rosberg is second with 292 points. Even if Rosberg wins the remaining two races, Hamilton will still receive the champion crown on the strength of the aforementioned probabilities.

Winning is all Hamilton wants

In the 2014 season, Hamilton has won 10 races while Rosberg has four wins. Nonetheless, Hamilton is going for nothing but victory. Despite the fact that anything can happen is sports, Hamilton is very optimistic. Rosberg, on the other hand is not perturbed at all. A string of misfortunes has seen him retire in the British and Singaporean races earlier in the year. The Abu Dhabi race has a strange twist to it. The world motorsport body FIA has agreed to the award of double points to the winner in the last event. That would make it difficult for Hamilton. It means that he must win in both events.

The Brazilian test

Surprisingly, Hamilton has never won a race in Brazil. He, however, admits that the spirit of Ayrton Senna inspires him to perform wonders at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Hamilton says that Senna inspired him during childhood. He has always wanted to be like Senna. Brazilian fans love Hamilton. Moments after his arrival in Brazil for the 2014 race, he received a football shirt with his name emblazoned on it. Fans jokingly said that they would even consider giving Hamilton a Brazilian passport. This would make him one of their own. Ayrton Senna was one of the most successful Brazilian Formula One champion.

Sad memories

Hamilton still has sad memories of the Belgian Grand Prix. During the race, he was involved in a collision with Nico Rosberg, his teammate. He had to retire while Rosberg finished second. The German later apologized. The collision occurred in the second lap of the race. Rosberg was trying to overtake Hamilton. The front wing of his racing car hit the rear left tyre of his team mate’s car. The result was a damaged wing and a puncture. Hamilton had no choice but to retire.